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What is Finger Ramp?

Finger Ramp is an add-on tool for bass guitars designed to avoid musicians’ fingers to go under the strings, allowing a simpler and unvarying execution of thorny techniques, such as Slap, Double Thumb, and Pluck, and serving as an arm and wrist rest, which means avoiding potential tendinitis episodes.

The original finger ramp was introduced in the USA by bass heroes like Alain Caron and Gary Willis. We are one of the first companies to sell it in Europe and Asia (on top of USA).

Our Finger Ramp is made in Italy, by Italian artisans who use a special resin extracted by juniper trees. It is the same resin used for Venetian gondolas. This material makes the ramp light and solid, so it can be mounted as a plug ‘n’ play tool.

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Bass players ❤ Finger Ramp

The French magazine Bassiste published a very positive review of both our models of Finger Ramp (Slap for Slap technique and MFE for Pluck) by Rosaire Riccobono, bassist of the French band Les Rockets.

You can find more good reviews on our Facebook page.

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